Hi and welcome to Bodyweight Mastery!

This site comes is the culmination of my 6 years of testing, programming and training in calisthenics. I stopped using weights and began performing bodyweight training exclusively for a number of reasons, but here are the main ones:

  • Boredom — Weight training ceased to bring me fulfillment in my training
  • Frustration — My results from the effort I put in started to diminish
  • Freedom — I wanted to be able to work out anywhere I found myself
  • Intrigue — “You mean to tell me that you can reach your strength and muscle goals without weights at all?”

I’m betting many of you can relate to these reasons. In early 2011, I stopped using bodyweight training as a supplement to weights. In fact, I got married and had an extended honeymoon in Europe, during which I trained very little.

With new resolve, I approached 2012 with a new mindset. I had used calisthenics before and was armed with a lot of exercise knowledge. I picked up a copy of Coach Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning and was floored by what I discovered.

Here was a guy confined to prison cells and facilities with little access to gym equipment who had conquered enormous strength feats. Furthermore, his diet was not filled with supplements and cute smoothies from bodybuilding websites.

Needless to say, I became a disciple of the Calisthenics Dark Arts and knew the path laid before me was one of lifelong mastery of my physical self.

Fast forward to today, my training goals have morphed into a focus on strength and conditioning through body weight only training. As a recreational ice hockey player, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about developing a truly athletic body with no gyms, weights or fancy machines.

It’s fun, it’s liberating and I hope what I offer on this site is of benefit to enthusiasts of calisthenics and fitness in general.

— Fred Lunjevich, May 2016
Auckland, New Zealand