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The Bodyweight Mastery October conditioning workout

Bodyweight training is ideal for athletic conditioning. Here’s my routine for October — the cliff notes version.

The workout

Warm up and explosiveness: Elbow instep / Squat to toe touches / Lateral knee drives / Lateral high knee runs

Intervals: Hill sprints x6-8; pairing each sprint with: Tumble push ups / Plank to push ups / Diagonal mt climbers / Plank jacks

Single leg deadlifts (Drinking birds)

Chin ups

Push ups (neutral grip, using push up bars)

Cossack squats

Exercise notes:

  • See this Youtube video for how to perform the Drinking bird exercise
  • A Tumble push up involves transitioning from a push up position to a side roll to the push up position again. Tumble right and then back left. This is a great core stabilization exercise as well as an excellent conditioning move
  • Lateral knee drives – hop lateral from one foot to the other, driving the knee up each time
  • Cossack squats
  • Elbow to instep
  • Squat to toe touches – squat deep, place you feet on the floor, elbows inside your knees.Raise your butt up stretching your hamstrings. Try to place stretch a bit further each rep.

The rationale

My goal this month is to increase my ability to produce power in the lower body on a repeat sprint basis. I’m trying to emulate a hockey shift but for those interested in general fitness, this workout offers a lot.

There is an emphasis of building explosiveness but for the most part, this is a well rounded workout. I like to divide the work in half: Perform your warm up, explosiveness and sprint intervals first. Each sprint is paired with a core/upper body exercise that will allow you to rest the legs while keeping the heart rate up between sprints.

After that, I’d relax a bit and cool off before finishing the work with some strength exercises. The first half of the workout shouldn’t be too taxing so you should have money in the bank for the four exercises that follow.

Why these exercises? I chose four different movement patterns to ensure I get a total body workout. Single leg deadlifts and Cossack squats will help with mobility through the hips and knees following the sprints. Push ups and Chin ups are the meat and gravy of any bodyweight upper body program so I like to put in the hard yards with them. Bar push ups are much more difficult that regular push ups because of the extra range of motion and the instability compared with hands flat on the floor.

For more on athletic conditioning using bodyweight training grab a copy of my Kindle book, Skip the Gym and Get Strong Anyway.

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