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Skip the Gym and Get Strong Anyway — Unconventional approaches to calisthenics

skip_the_gym_and_get_strong_anywayFREE for a limited time: Unconventional Approaches to Developing Strength and Power with Bodyweight Training.

My new book, Skip the Gym and Get Strong Anyway is available now on Amazon for FREE (limited time only). Go check it out and if it helps you in your training, please leave a review.

Why did I write the book?

There are numerous popular books and videos on bodyweight training. Most cover exercises but few really break down how to progress from easy to difficult exercises.

In Skip the Gym and Get Strong Anyway I wanted to show beginner and intermediate trainers how to step-by-step break down very difficult exercises and develop the strength needed incrementally, just as you would using weights.

My goal is to demystify calisthenics to the point where you’re able to construct your own routines and know exactly how to use them to get insanely strong. Without a roadmap it is really difficult to know if you’re even on the right track. It can lead to disappointment and ultimately people quitting.

Transform the effectiveness of any calisthenics program

In the book I walk through exercises and progressions but the main message revolves around what I call a unified theory of calisthenics. By getting to the heart of what makes a productive bodyweight training program you are able to get more success from any program, not just the one I outline.

Why listen to me?

I’ve been testing routines and refining my calisthenics routines for the past 5 years. I started with a lot of skepticism and therefore was curious as to how it was possible to get strong with bodyweight-only exercises.

I’ve reviewed and used most programmes out there and it took me a while to condense down the core principles and techniques that make for a successful routine.

I tried a lot, failed a lot but made some eye opening discoveries along the way.

Some things you’ll learn from the book:

  • How to program your training for maximal strength stimulus
  • How to judge how much training to do, when and with what exercises
  • Proper progression
  • How to take an easy exercise and make it harder
  • The fastest way to master hard exercises
  • Conditioning approaches that leave you invigorated rather than shattered
  • How to optimize your program to build muscle.

I go through an exercise progression for the major movement patterns of the body and outline a process for mastering static holds like L-sits and Dragon flags.

Grab the book on Amazon now while it’s FREE.

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